Sourcing Strategy – 5 Steps to Effective Category Management

Category Management is a process that enables you to source more effectively and then to get even more value from continually optimising the resulting contracts. You do this by grouping together products or services that have similar characteristics and are bought from similar supply markets. But that is just the starting point. To succeed with… Read More »

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Apply These Tips To Your Life If You Want To Succeed In Business

Here are some things that you must do if you want to have a successful business. At this point, anyone can go on a popular search site and find that there are thousands of books that have been written by various authors on how to become successful in business. With all the information available to… Read More »

Four Ways to Cooperate With Other Businesses to Grow Your Business

Many small business owners spend a lot of time, effort and money doing things to grow their business that could be done more effectively in conjunction with another business. By this, I mean forming partnerships with other businesses can not only improve a small business’ marketing, but it can also improve the business itself. In… Read More »

The Three Greatest Barriers to Organizational Change

The need for rapid organizational change is a fact of life in today’s business environment. While there may be a few companies whose leaders are committed to a belief that it is good for everyone to “shake things up” from time to time, most organizational change is undertaken to accomplish key strategic goals. No matter… Read More »

Enhancing Business Acumen – The Five Essentials

In order to run an effective, dynamic, and successful organization, leaders must possess sound business acumen. Unfortunately, we are not born with this vital leadership skill, it is cultivated over time. When asked to define business acumen, the response of senior leadership is basic and straight forward. Most believe that business acumen means having financially… Read More »

Transportation Management System – An Introduction

A Transportation Management System (TMS) is a software that is aimed at helping business and organizations to effectively manage its logistics supply chain, it helps organizing and tracking the movements of the products and materials. A Transportation Management System also helps in managing shipping units, outbound and inbound shipment scheduling, transportation mode selection, freight bill… Read More »

Supply Chain Technology – 6 Key Deliverables

Without a doubt one of the most crucial tools available to supply chain professionals today is information technology (IT). IT can be the glue that help Supply Chain deliver real value to organizations – however an incorrectly configured system or a poor technology choice can bring it’s own problems – here we check out 6… Read More »

SAS Analytics Training – What You Need to Know

When looking for quality training, whether you want to improve your own knowledge or you want to send your employees on a course to improve productivity within the work place, there are a host of important factors that you have to take into consideration. One of these factors is identifying which course to use and… Read More »

Business Planning – Short Term, Medium Term and Long Term Goals

As the owner or executive of a business, you have business goals. You have your 5-year goals or your long-term goals, and then there are steps along the way to reach those goals: medium-term goals and short-term goals. If you were a retailer you might have the following goals: Short term: sell a certain amount… Read More »

Importance Of Data Mining In Today’s Business World

What is Data Mining? Well, it can be defined as the process of getting hidden information from the piles of databases for analysis purposes. Data Mining is also known as Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD). It is nothing but extraction of data from large databases for some specialized work. Data Mining is largely used in… Read More »